"Joe has that rare ability to play tastefully and musically on anything he picks up. I love to hear him play slide guitar...he can make it sing" - David Holt, banjo and slide guitarist with Doc Watson, recording artist, four-time Grammy winner and host of NPR's "Riverwalk."

"Joe has the ability to have fun and teach effectively. He inspires creativity by not conforming to any one method. He has the knowledge to teach you what you want to learn and has the patience to let you develop as a unique musician."
Dan Keller, jazz guitarist

"Joe persuaded me to buy my son an electric guitar when he was 14. After less than a year of lessons, he was playing gigs in a rock band. Now my garage is the band headquarters and my son stays out all night playing music, making so much money that he doesn't think he needs a real job...and he's 18 years old. Thanks a lot, Joe." - Dr. Alice, concerned parent

"Studying with Joe is the difference between being given a fish and learning to fish. Joe has made music theory and technique accessible to me and given me the tools and understanding to really advance."
Kyle M., student

"Very inventive and skillful", -
Bob Brozman, recording artist, grammy nominee
"I have played guitar on and off over 30 years. I have bought more instructional material and have studied guitar with many talented players over the years, and yet I never seemed to get past playing the same old licks. Syncopated rhythms, slide work, etc. was out of the question. I had almost given up on making any real progress on guitar. I saw Joe's ad on craigslist and have been taking lessons from him for the past couple years. I have finally found an instructor that can actually improve your playing. Songs that I would struggle with for months trying to play now come in one sitting. I have a basic understanding of music theory, and syncopated rhythms are no longer to be feared. My picking has never been faster nor more accurate.  I have a grasp of blues, funk, with some slide work thrown in for good measure. I can't recommend Joe enough. He may not tell you what you want to hear, but he will tell you what you need to hear. He's studied under some of the best guitar players on the planet and has the unique ability to make this knowledge accessible to beginners through advanced. I won't say it has been easy, but it has been richly rewarding."  K.C. Ray

"Joe challenged me to do what he knew I was capable of but hesitant to try" - Bill Cogswell, songwriter, performer, fingerstyle virtuouso