Students are welcome to study any style that interests them. I do not have a stylistic preference in my teaching. Any style works equally well for my purposes as a teacher. I am familiar with and have performed rock, blues, jazz, funk, rhythm and blues, reggae, country, bluegrass, flatpicking, swing, Gypsy jazz, ragtime, fingerpicking, slide guitar and other styles. I also teach mandolin, banjo, steel guitar, bass and ukulele.

Lessons are typically once a week. This gives the student a chance to perfect the techniques and material before the next lesson. Weekly lessons work best, in my experience, because of continuity and the constant flow of new material. I encourage students to bring in songs that they want to learn rather than rely on method books or my own preferences. I can give the student a transcription if they bring in recorded music of their choice or I can lead them through published tablature transcriptions, if they prefer. Learning to read music notation is a powerful skill that I am willing to teach if the student is interested.
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More advanced students can greatly benefit from an understanding of basic music theory and ear training. Having had such training myself at a relatively early age, I am aware that many people avoid and fear this aspect of learning music. My approach is to subtly embed the training in the music the students choose. Done correctly, learning these skills becomes easy and painless.

As a professional, I am aware that my job is customer service. If my students are happy and progressing, then I am enjoying myself and am successful. So, I try my best to give my students exactly what they want to learn, while ensuring they acquire the skills they need to succeed.

My current rate for lessons is $50 per hour and $25 per half-hour, payable in advance by the month, on the first lesson of the month. My cancellation policy requires a 24 hour notice to avoid a forfeiture. Make-up lessons are scheduled by availability.