My goal as an instructor is to give my students exactly what they want to learn, while ensuring they acquire the skills they need to succeed. Read more.
My Background: Solo performer, sideman, composer, arranger, bandleader and studio musician since 1983. Full time guitar instructor since 1990. Read More
"Joe has the ability to have fun and teach effectively. He inspires creativity by not conforming to any one method. He has the knowledge to teach you what you want to learn and has the patience to let you develop as a unique musician."
Dan Keller, jazz guitarist
"Very inventive and skillful", Bob Brozman, recording artist, grammy nominee Read more.
"I have played guitar on and off over 30 years. I have bought more instructional material and have studied guitar with many talented players over the years, and yet I never seemed to get past playing the same old licks. Syncopated rhythms, slide work, etc. was out of the question. I had almost given up on making any real progress on guitar." K.C. Ray  Read more.